Black Windows 7 - Windows 7 Themes in Vista Themes

Windows 7 Black Theme

Description: A brilliant work is done to develop this awsome windows 7 theme. An awsome idea is behind this theme. Every detail looks fine. Nice taskbar, beautiful design of system tray including the system clock. Gorgeous start menu and volume controller, all the things together make this theme more beautiful with the nice color combination.

Genie - Windows 7 Themes in Vista Themes

Windows 7 Brilliant Theme

Description: An elegant windows 7 theme, a different concept from other regular themes. The creator got this theme from someone else and re-created it with unique design.

It supports top taskbar, supports small taskbar and visitble title bar. It's a great windows 7 theme with a greate work.

Windows 8 Theme for Windows 7

Windows 8 Themes for Windows 7

Description: An awsome windows 8 chromatic blue theme which runs on windows 7 as well. This theme is compatible only with windows 7 SP1 (x64 and x86). The idea behind this superb theme is great and imagination of the author is admirable. Perfectly implemented. Different from regular windows 7 themes and superb for color lovers.

Installation instructions:

Use it if you have your superbar on bottom (Recommended)

1-Download and install the universal theme patcher

2-Extract content (Win8T2) into C:\Windows\Resources\Themes

3-Double-click on Win8T2.theme

4-Restart your Computer To make sure that everything takes effect

Mac Theme Silver - Windows 7 Themes in Vista Themes

Windows 7 Mac Theme

Description: A perfect windows 7 theme for mac lovers. Give your operating system MAC look. It's silver mac theme having features just like any other windows 7 theme. Maximize, minimize and close buttons are changed to dots. Completely silver with combination of blue color which makes it more beautiful.

If you are tired with traditional windows 7 themes and want to give a new look to your PC without reinstalling the operating system, you must try this awsome windows 7 mac theme.

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